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How to Order Workwear

Welcome to Out of this World Embroidery! We are proud to offer  Central Kentucky Surgery Center designs for your daily workwear. 

Product catalogs are available below for you to choose your reward(s).

Please Print Legible!

What you need to know to place an order:

Please make sure you order the correct size and item, as we do not have a storefront. We will not be able to exchange items, as these are specialty items, and made specifically for you!

Thank you for understanding.    


We also sell apparel and scrubs and those catalogs are loaded under your Product tab, so you can browse specialty items at your convenience.  If you can't find you're looking for.

 Give us a call.

 It's simple as 1, 2, 3!


1. Browse thru CKSC catalog.  

2. Pick out your design.  You must order by number. 

3. Pick out the color of your shirt.

    Please be aware when you order,  light colors need dark design, and vice versa, to show. 

After you identify the item you wish, from the CKSC catalog, browse our apparel options to decide what you would like to order.

For traditional apparel, you need to make note of the product's number, color, and size that you are ordering as well as a basic description of the item (e.g. long-sleeve t-shirt, dri-fit polo, etc...).

For medical apparel, scrubs, lab coats, and the like, you need the above information as well as the brand the product comes from.

We updated our order form so you may order different colors of the same product on the same order form.  If you have suggestions on making the ordering process easier, please let us know. 


Once you have your list of items you want to order, go to our online Order Form to enter your contact information, and information for up to three different products (feel free to contact us if you need to order more), and how you would like to pay.

  • If you are paying via electronic means, just click your preferred choice. 

  • Cash is only accepted for customers that prefer to pick up their items at the shop. 

Once you have filled out the payment information, click submit. Our staff will then receive will receive your order, calculate your invoice, and email or text said invoice to you within 2 business days. Once you review and approve your invoice, please make payment. We will start fulfilling your order at once. 


printable order form

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