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Welcome Ephraim McDowell Health Associates

Thank you for trusting us to fill your  Ephraim McDowell logowear needs!

If you are new to ordering with us, WELCOME!

Below are instructions to help you have a positive ordering experience with us.

At anytime feel free to contact us, for assistance, quotes or just to say HI!  

**We sell apparel, medical and traditional goods, with and without embroidered personalization using 13 different EMH logos (shown below). Make sure to take a look at our logo options to know what you need. If we don't have what you need? Give us a call.

What you need to know to place an order:

After you identify the logo you need, browse our apparel options to decide what you would like to order.

For traditional apparel, you need to make note of the product's number, color, and size that you are ordering as well as a basic description of the item (e.g. long-sleeve t-shirt, dri-fit polo, etc...).

For medical apparel, scrubs, lab coats, and the like, you need the above information as well as the brand the product comes from.

We updated our order form so you may order different colors of the same product on the same order form.  If you have suggestions on making the ordering process easier, please let us know. 


Placing an order and payment options:

Once you have your list of items you want to order, go to our online Order Form to enter your contact information, and information for up to three different products (feel free to contact us if you need to order more), and how you would like to pay.

  • If you are paying via electronic means, just click your preferred choice. 

  • Cash is only accepted for customers that prefer to pick up their items at the shop. 

Once you have filled out the payment information, click submit. Our staff will then receive will receive your order, calculate your invoice, and email or text said invoice to you within 2 business days. Once you review and approve your invoice, please make payment. We will start fulfilling your order at once. 

**EMH employees who place orders and pay using electronic means will have their orders delivered to their department directors or clinic managers within 7-10 days**

**If you prefer to print or use a .pdf order form,

                    to download it and email it to us at


To send forms directly

to us:


Personalization is not required.

  • Hospital and clinic logos are embroidered on the left chest of shirts, scrub tops, jackets, lab coats, etc...

  • Name and title embroidery is done on the right chest.

  • White tops will have colored embroidery. All other product colors will be done in white.

  • Pricing will be based on the product and the embroidery. Each embroidered side has its own cost.


Our Popular Items page includes the products most often purchased by EMH employees. It's our cheat sheet to make shopping easy for you.

Our Product Catalogs page has links to our various apparel sources so you can see every item available to you. If you do not see what you want in our popular items or just want something different, feel free to browse our various options.

If you do not see the logo you need, please contact us.

Current Logo options

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Navigating Your Product Options:

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